Personal Training

Fitness Consultation

Fitness Consultation As a new personal training client, you will have a consultation with your trainer prior to starting an exercise program. This is integral to your success as it gives your trainer all the information they need to best help you reach all of your health and fitness goals. You can expect your trainer to review your exercise history and medical history, analyze your nutrition profile, discuss your lifestyle habits, and most importantly the goals you wish to achieve. He/she will then determine your overall fitness level by looking at areas such as cardiovascular endurance, strength and power, flexibility, mobility, and body composition measures (body fat and lean mass).

Based on the information collected and the testing that takes place, your personal trainer will then go off and design your program. He/she will then contact you once it is ready so that you can get started.

Although each consultation can be as different as the individuals who do them, your trainer will likely implement some of the following: